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Here, you will discover a basic breakdown of the services we offer. If you can't find the service you're looking for, please let us know how we can help you. Contact us!

We will advise you on a variety of topics...

Our goal with this service is to save you time, money, and headaches by tapping into our expertise in the haunted attraction field. We will consult with you regarding all aspects of your attraction, and give you access to a team member that will best meet your needs.

Lighting Design & Implementation
If you want to see it, let there be light...

We discuss your attraction with you and design a lighting plot that fits your needs. Then, using professional-grade equipment, we safely illuminate, accentuating, and enhancing the attraction as a whole. Lighting services are our most popular service offered.

Attraction Design & Construction
Bottom to Top, We Will Design and Build it...

With this service, you receive a scale drawing of a complete, custom attraction. We will then build the attraction based on the drawing. You may also split the services into either design or construction if you don't need both.

Rent a Portable mini-haunted attraction


Perfect for parties, spooky gatherings, or other creative get-togethers


Our mini haunted attraction is a 12'x12' maze fully themed and decorated to be set up in approximately 1 hour, operate for a few hours, and be packed-up in 1 hour. Additional costs apply for custom themes. Occasionally, larger mazes can be offered at an additional cost. Everything you need for a scary, good time!

Sound Design & Implementation
Custom Prop Building
Talent/Actor Services
What has 8 legs and weighs 30 pounds...
From the eerie, to the heart-pounding...
At the heart of any dark attraction, scare-actors...

Sound design, in a 3-part implementation. We first discuss the needs of your attraction, then design a layout for speakers and playback devices, then we create a soundtrack for your attraction with custom mixed music and sound effects.

Our prop services have been featured in many haunted attractions and also in films. Let us get you the most "bang for your buck," with either static or animated props that are sure to frighten and delight your guests. We can also refurbish old props and use them again!

The heart of any good haunted attraction is the talent scaring your guests. You need a trained, costumed, energized, and professional group of "monsters" in your attraction and we can provide leaders, training, costuming, casting, and payroll services

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